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This is a beautiful crystal of vibrant, earthy red dragons blood jasper. It's set with shining flame of green and gold labradorite and a crown of glittering, faceted spinel.
The crystal hangs on a 30" stainless steel chain. 

Labradorite is said to provide relief from anxiety and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. It's said to dispel negativity and to bring clear understanding by enhancing clarity of thought and improving one's ability to cooperate with others in harmony.
Labradorite is also said to give perseverance, strength and enhanced intuition when one is experiencing times of conflict and change, helping one to find their destiny path.

Spinel is a stone of revitalization, and it can re-energize all aspects of yourself. This makes it an excellent stone for workaholics.
It will help release your stress and anxieties, and it will replenish your low energy levels, similar to Citrine.
This stone will bring you inspiration. It’s a stone that will also bring you new hope!
The energies of this stone will help you find new ways of thinking and give you the strength to face life’s challenges.
It will make you more persistent and determined not to crumble under pressure, and it will make you look forward to the future when this difficult period is over. Spinel is connected with energy renewal, with overcoming tough circumstances, and with your body and mind’s rejuvenation.

Dragon's Blood Jasper is an anciently honored stone. It's called a "stone of courage" that is thought to aid you to find creative ways to keep your life in balance. It's also used to attract wealth.
Jasper is thought to be a very protective stone, helping one to stay grounded and to keep their emotions stabilized.
Legends tell us that Jasper drove away evil spirits and was thought to protect against snake and spider bites. In the fourth century it was thought to bring about the rain. It was sometimes used as a "rain bringer" and interestingly the word for jasper in some Native American traditions also meant "Rain Bringer".